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NVIDIA releases Mac drivers for Pascal graphics cards

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Haven't tried yet, as I don't have one of these cards, but did use one of their drivers with Mojave (I think) with the EVGA GT710. It works OOB with Whatevergreen in Catalina (don't remember if Lilu is needed too.)

I was looking because I was thinking about getting Geforce 1060 card, and based on the Pascal GPU, not the Kepler like the 710 card.

The article is from 2017. And the link for the driver doesn't include the Titan cards that the article claims the driver works with.


But I also found the other link for Mac drivers on nvidia's download site, and the driver was updated in 2019. Has anyone tried this driver?


Or is it all just a pipe dream until the Cheese graters come out and nVidia starts writing proper drivers for their cards for Mac?



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Forget it. The two companies are with tantrum with each other.


Anyway, the driver in the second link si from 2016.7.19.

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