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[HELP] Accidentally hit clear CMOS button


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Hello all, 


First of all my system specs:


Mobo: Asus Z170 Deluxe

CPU: i7 6700K

Bootloader: Clover

PSU: Corsair RM750

OS: Separate SSD dual-boot MacOS Sierra & Windows 7 Ultimate (64bit)

SSD: Samsung 840 Pro 512GB(MacOS) & 256GB (Win7) 

RAM: Crucial Ballistix Sport PC4-21300 (4x8GB)

GFX: 1080 Ti

Cooling: liquid, custom loop


I come to you all in a state of distress. After waking this morning, I went to startup my dual boot hackintosh as I usually do. I got to the bootloader, selected MacOS, then watched the -v text fly across the screen as I waited for the boot process to complete. Everything normal so far.


Now, before I continue, I should point out that I have used this machine for several blissful years, relatively problem free. However, sometimes during the MacOS booting process the system hangs up on the last line of -v text. This doesn't really happen often but it's always solved by simply pushing the reset button, and running through the process again.


Anyway, said hangup occurred this morning during boot up. So, as per usual, I go to press the reset button on my motherboard. It just so happens that the clear CMOS button is right next to it, and I accidentally pressed it instead. The system power cycled and started up. The screen displayed the Asus splash screen, then one failed attempt to enter BIOS later, the screen displays the American Megatrends logo at the top left. No additional text is on the screen at this time. The boot device led is lit on the motherboard and q-code reads 99


I try to restart the computer and try to enter BIOS a second, and third time. No luck, I get the same results. Now I start to enter panic mode. I tried removing the CMOS battery for a while then reinserting, same thing occurs. I'm trying to avoid having to drain my liquid cooling loop, as it's a hassle, but I'm willing to if I need to. I'm kinda freaking out and fearing the worst. So here I am seeking your help.


I thought it would be best to ask this question on a hackintosh forum, as I figured there may be some nuance or knowledge that a pure pc support forum may not be able to provide. 


Thanks for any help offered! 

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