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  1. Thank you for everything man! You are a true gentleman expert. As great as they come!
  2. My Bluetooth is not picking up without an adapter. My motherboard has built in bluetooth so I shouldn't need adapter. I just figured out why my sound was not working with sleep. I was being foolish I am using my tv as a display temporarily, so when I cut display off the tv sound goes off as well. Duh! I plugged headphones in to motherboard and got audio when sleep!! Now all is working besides on-board bluetooth
  3. Hold the phone! Airdrop is now working! Just randomly started to work
  4. Ok here is my ioreg file after rebooting: Unfortunately nothing changed. Still no audio with sleep, no on-board bluetooth working, and no airdrop Hackintosh Pro.zip
  5. For codec commander, which kext file am I putting in s/l/e? the one in 'debug' folder or in 'release' folder?
  6. Good news! I have audio working now, mostly. Just not with sleep. Now I just need to figure out Bluetooth, AirDrop, and audio with sleep. Any tips? Do you need any more of my files? You've been so helpful thus far. I really appreciate it!
  7. What options do I use for clover bootloader? The pics in your linked guide are very small and I cant see the options checked.
  8. like I said, I may have messed something up. I was trying to fix a few issues at the same time and I installed multib***t to try and get things working. Obviously that didn't work out so well. That's why I was just thinking about starting over with fresh install to see how it goes with new CLOVER folder that you gave. Right now I don't have audio workikng or on-board bluetooth(bluetooth does work with an external adapter but not after computer is sleep). There was another issue where I could not play any media at all(music, videos, etc) this only happened after I tried to use multib***t. I'm pretty sure I messed up by even trying that.
  9. So, don't do a fresh install? Ok, understood. Here is my ioreg file you want. Hackintosh Pro.ioreg.zip
  10. You want ioreg file after I do fresh install? I waited to see if you thought it was good idea to do it.
  11. Hmm still no audio... I think I will do a clean install with the provided CLOVER folder you just gave. I did some tinkering on my own and may have messed something up. Was the CLOVER folder you provided supposed to fix bluetooth as well or just audio?
  12. Sorry for the wait, here are the things you requested. I really hope I can get audio working soon. Send me Hackintosh Pro.zip CLOVER.zip
  13. You want my DSDT files right? I will try and locate them and will send them shortly. I got my system up and running and most everything works fine. However there are a few things that I cant get working: Bluetooth/Airdrop Audio USB 3.0/3.1 Do you know how to fix it? Thanks for everything you've done so far!
  14. OMG Dude!!! You are a wizard!!! Changed DVMT to 64 and now I'm looking at the macOS Setup Screen!!