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Slow Samba > OSX Downloading speed?


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I did some googling and seems it is a common problem


# File transfers between the Samba and Windows server are almost wire speed

# Uploading from my Powerbook (Tiger) to Samba is almost wire speed

# Downloading from Samba to my Powerbook goes like 30K/second


And many suggest the command below.

sudo sysctl -w net.inet.tcp.delayed_ack=0


The problem is most of these people report back they got their speed bump from 30kps to nearly 1Mb. ( Huge boost ) But to me this is by no mean FAST!. On same machine window SMB transfer at around 3 - 4Mb per seconds. And FTP transfer on both windows and OSX get 3 - 4 Mb as well. ( Which is my max output for my NAS ).


But SMB on OSX is slow. Any solution to it?

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