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  1. ksec

    Time Machine and Airport Disks

    Just wondering what speed do you get for transferring files from Mac to Airport Disc with Gigabit Ethernet?
  2. ksec

    Leopard = Vista?

    I cant name a single good thing about Vista, having been using it since early beta till retail. They change what was ok to bad. What was bad to worst. May be the only good thing about Vista is security. But with IE7 and SP3, XP is a lot more secure then the original XP without any SP. However Leopard is not up to my expectation either. May be because people hype it too much. Having said that it is still a very good release with many improvement. And it looks even better by comparing to M$ release of Vista.
  3. ksec

    Things you don't like about 9a559

    4. Buttons in Mail and Preview , 2. Spotlight UI It definitely need some improvement. Buttons are horrible ( if not EXTREMELY UGLY ) and Spotlight Ui is a step backward. However i think Leopard is still a great release. I would have expect more but looking at Vista leopard suddenly looks ten times better even with these annoyance.
  4. ksec

    Guess Leo's Final Build (Oct)

    So may be the next option is to push it back to next MacWorld? And i can say Apple Definitely need a few dozen more talented Software Engineer.
  5. ksec

    Mac OS X Leopard 9A527

    I hope they change the colour a bit more. I dont like the dark greyish look. I prefer the White Grey more.
  6. ksec

    iWork '08 - Review

    Yes and like all Apple software they should have done better. I cant understand why this still hasn't been implemented yet. I would like this feature too.
  7. Let say Leopard is out at the end of October. That means final version of Leopard should be done by September. Giving 1 months plus to press the DVD and transport it. And it is nearly August that means Apple dont have much time left. Will apple make it release on Oct?
  8. I have a working 10.4.8 installation and i dont want to mess it up. Just wondering if anyone has installed those security update available and if it has any side effect.
  9. i am interest to know the performance lost between using V machine and proper windows.
  10. I use the echo command but it doesn't work. ( For locale settings ) And then i try the mount option as well and not working either. I am using a Externall USB harddrive. Any pointers? 90% of my files cant be read due to locale settings.
  11. It is possible to install 10.4.8 Jas with PPF1 on top of 10.4.7 Jas? If so will i lose all the modded drivers, setting etc?
  12. ksec

    100% CPU usage

    Can i install 10.4.8 Jas on top of 10.4.7? Or do i need flash install?
  13. ksec

    100% CPU usage

    I am getting 100% CPU usage after a while using OSX. Anyone have similar experience? I am on OSX 10.4.7 with Intel SSE2 CPU
  14. The question is who will package the 10.4.9 release this time >< Since Jas is no longer working on it.
  15. Was your NTFS partition formatted with Vista?