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Blank Screen before getting into installer - i7 8700 | ASUS Prime Z370-A | RX580

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I'm having real trouble getting Mojave installed on a clean drives.


I've followed the vanilla guides here, I've even tried Tony with no luck. Most of the time I was unable to even get to the installer, it would either hand at the `End RandomSeed +++++++++++++++++` or I'd get a kernel panic before reaching the installer.


Anyway I finally played around with the config until I was able to get it into loading the installer. I can now get all the way where the loading bar with the apple symbol gets to the end (takes about 20 mins), then the screen goes blank. I've uploaded my config.plist if anyone had any ideas.

I've disabled iGPU in BIOS.



  • Core i7 8700
  • ASUS Prime Z370-A
  • Radeon Sapphire RX570 8G (tried cable in Display port and HDMI)
  • 32GB Corsair 3000Mhz 
  • Samsung 970 Evo M.2. SSD (blank)


I've currently got the following Ktexts:

  • AppleALC.kext
  • FakeSMC_ACPISensors.kext FakeSMC_CPUSensors.kext FakeSMC_GPUSensors.kext FakeSMC_LPCSensors.kext
  • FakeSMC.kext
  • IntelMausiEthernet.kext
  • Lilu.kext
  • WhateverGreen.kext


I can see this during a -v before it goes blank.






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Some errors in your Clover config. For instance:

  • you say you use a Sapphire RX570, yet Clover config is set to use the nVidia Web Driver.
  • you have a Coffee Lake machine with a discrete graphics card, yet you use iMac18,1 SMBIOS, i.e. that of a Kaby Lake model using iris Pro iGPU. Given that you have that RX570 dGPU and that you've disabled the CPU's iGPU, you really should consider using SMBIOS of iMac19,2 (i7-8700 CPU, Radeon Pro 555X / 560X graphics) instead.
  • you apply AICPUPM and KernelPm patches, which are not relevant to your platform (though they won't do any harm per sé).

Once you adjust your Clover config to the appropriate settings, things should begin to work better. 

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Thank you both,

  • I updated WEG and Lilu and then
  • changed to iMac19,2
  •  And then removed the AICPUPM and KernelPm patches
  • and removed using the nVidia drivers (I missed that before)

And it's all up and running!!! Thank you!!


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