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Help whit ATI Mobility Radeon X700


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Hi to everybody


I have:


Intel Pentium M Processor 750

SK Video ATI Mobility Radeon X700

15.4" WXGA


Memory 1 GB


I wanted to ask your help

I have installed the Mac 10.4.7 it almost all works, but the thing that more me unteressa (video card) it works only to 1024x768


I search on the form but I not found nothing


Does someone know how to help me?

Or someone indicate me a guide ?

I resolv my problem with 10.4.8 ?


Thanks Thanks Thanks Thanks thousand in advance to everybody

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I have an Asus z70va and pretty much gave up on trying to get Callisto to work. You can try using it to enable more resolutions, but you will most likely get tearing. Use b006 found at omni.starchaser.org.


Good luck!

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Thanks thousand but not work after installation of driver I can set the resolution, but the refresh of the LCD is orrible whit some orizzontal line.


c-prompt say your hardware is simailar my but for the installation I read the "read me" in callisto driver is right ????


Thanks thousand

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