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[SOLVED] No sound from the built-in speaker - ALC286(S) [Mojave 10.14.6]


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Hello. (I’m writing using Google Translate, so I’m sorry if it’s strange English.)


This has been resolved. See #2 for details.


I am trying to run Realtek ALC286 (S)* using AppleALC.kext.


*Although it is displayed as ALC286 in the Hackintool app, it is written as “ALC286S” in the manufacturer's specifications.
It may be different from "ALC286". (I don't know exactly.)


It is displayed in the audio in System Preferences, and the built-in microphone, audio jack, and plugging / unplugging work properly.

However, no sound comes out only from the built-in speaker.

(22EA53:HDMI Audio , AG06/AG03:Audio interface)





Using the Hackintool application, the layout-id of Devices> Properties in config.plist is set to 0B000000 (Inject value is 11).
(If Inject is set to 3, it will be displayed, but the built-in microphone will stop working.)



If you know how to get the built-in speaker to work, please help.


By the way, the version is Mojave 10.14.6.

Thank you.

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I was able to solve this problem myself.


The biggest problem was that the PathMap and PinConfig in the layout 11 of Apple ALC's ALC286 did not fit my laptop.

So when I set the correct PathMap and PinConfig, it now works properly.

(About PathMap, once you have confirmed the operation with VoodooHDA, you can easily get it using the getdump function of VoodooHDA. )


I referred this site → https://blog.daliansky.net
I didn't understand Chinese, but I understood it using Google Translate.


I hope this post will also be helpful to anyone.

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