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Odd Nvidia Driver issue - Asus x99 Deluxe w GTX970

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First of all, I can get into the desktop where all my kext are set up and working. But occasionally It will go all crazy on me.

After booting and working fine it will on the odd reboot, lose the Nvidia drivers. What makes it weirder is that as I have a dual display and when I boot and get to that login screen, the only way I can describe this is that a couple of lines of tearing or digital static will flash across the screen and when it does I only get a single screen up and registering.   In the background I can see my desktop wallpaper but when I enter the login, it defaults back to the Mac graphics driver. And then it gets real temperamental and won't boot into the Nvidia drivers for a while.

Now my workaround is on boot instead of just hitting enter in clover, I hit space bar and then tell it to boot with injected Kexts and it goes back to working like normal.



I am running:

Asus x99 deluxe (bios 3802)
Intel 5820k
32gb ram
Nvidia GTX 970
Corsair 500gb SSD

Mac side includes:
High Sierra 10.13.6


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Try and repair permissions + rebuild your cache. If you can boot with injected kexts, it does sound like you have a kext cache issue.

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