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  1. First of all, I can get into the desktop where all my kext are set up and working. But occasionally It will go all crazy on me.After booting and working fine it will on the odd reboot, lose the Nvidia drivers. What makes it weirder is that as I have a dual display and when I boot and get to that login screen, the only way I can describe this is that a couple of lines of tearing or digital static will flash across the screen and when it does I only get a single screen up and registering. In the background I can see my desktop wallpaper but when I enter the login, it defaults back to the Mac graphics driver. And then it gets real temperamental and won't boot into the Nvidia drivers for a while.Now my workaround is on boot instead of just hitting enter in clover, I hit space bar and then tell it to boot with injected Kexts and it goes back to working like normal.Thoughts?Thanks.I am running:Asus x99 deluxe (bios 3802)Intel 5820k32gb ramNvidia GTX 970Corsair 500gb SSDMac side includes:High Sierra 10.13.6WebDriver-387.
  2. Got it. Will drop it in tonight and see if I can get my network card working. Thanks for all the work on this. Mark
  3. Can't seem to find the kext on the link from the top message, it says it's not there. I found the source code at github, but am not sure how to complie it. Can you check on the link from the top message? Thanks Mark
  4. As I understand it, Sata is a requirement. No way around it. You can get a IDE to Sata adapter for your drive, but a Pioneer DVD burner is about $40 at newegg. Just buy the new drive and go from there. As for the bios, I'm using the P5Q-ASUS-DELUXE-0803.rom. I think it's the 2001 revision. Have to check, but it's solid. Hey if you ever get the Esata working on your board let me know. It uses the Marvel 61xx chipset and I'm beating my head against the wall on this one. Happy Hacking! Mark Mark
  5. Santora

    dualboot on seperate hard drives... how?

    It can be done several ways. I'm running an Asus P5q Deluxe and on boot I hit F8. This gives me a Chooser screen which allows me to choose where to boot from. Makes life very easy. It recognizes all drives, including networked and usb. Your mobo might offer something similar. Also, you can boot the mac drive as your primary, have Darwin 2.0 come up and offer you which os to boot into. But the windows drive is then your secondary. Mark
  6. Come on guys. Somebody. I just ened to know if it even works??? I've read through multiple threads and find barely a mention of the eSata on the P5Q mobo. Anyone? Thanks Mark
  7. Esata on the P5Q Deluxe? Hey All. I'm desperately trying to find out if anyone's gotten this to work because I can't. I've got to get this working soon (if possible). My Sata drives work, just not the Esata connector on my mobo backplane. Yes, I could add an extender to the internal to an empty slot, but that's not what I'm looking to do. Anyone? Thanks Mark Santora
  8. Topic says it all gang. I've got 10.5.7 up and running on my Hackintosh (thanks iATKOS!) but the only thing that seems to not be working is my esata port. The Mac sees the 4 internal sata ports, but not the one on the backplane. And that's the one I'm trying to use. The drive does not show up under drive utilities, so i'm assuming it's a driver issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. System: Asus P5Q Deluxe with modified bios Xenon 3.0 dual core 4gb ram Nvidia 9800gtx internal sata boot drives (one vista/another osx) Thanks Mark Santora
  9. Did you ever get this working? I'm having issue with my esata port. Can't get it to recognize on the mac. Works fine under Vista. What driver are you using? Mark
  10. Is it possible to dual boot VIsta64 and OSX86 from the Asus P5Q Deluxe with each Os on a separate drive? Example: On the C: drive I have Vista 64. On the D: drive I have OSx86 (iPC install). The problems I seem to be running into. First, the installation goes perfectly and everythign seems to work. Then when I reboot, it goes right back to Vista. It does not offer the ability to boot to OSX. I installed EasyBCD 172 and while I have the option to boot to it, it still does not let me. Also, in the bios for the mobo, it doesn't show the D: drive as bootable. Only the C Drive/DVD/Floppy. I have moved/swapped the cables on the mobo. I have re-formatted the D: drive and reinstalled OSx86. I'm just lost here. Thoughts? Thanks Mark
  11. Santora

    Modified Bios for Asus P5Q Deluxe

    Wow. Talk about great timing... I just started to attempt OSX86 and found this forum. I've already flashed the bios once and gotten OSX86 to boot (but it find no drives). I'll try upgrading to this bios and see what happens! Thanks Again! Mark