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help to replace keyboard on Apple macbook air laptop

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my macbook air keyboard has issue and I've had this mess on my desk for some time now and keen on finishing it off.

13 inch one from 2013
The issue was some of the keys stopped working and Apple store wouldn't help. So I bought a keyboard on ebay to try.
There are some instructions online that I found handy:





I got very close to finishing it but after removing the old keyboard, I now have lots of small "rivet" which I cannot remove. I tried cutting plier but all it did was stripping the rivets rather than removing. Without removing these rivets, I can't install new screws for my new keyboard to the frame. I tried a bit of super glue too but it stuck the keys down instead.

Anyone with legendary advice?

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You don't need to put the screws in all rivet places. It will be more than enough to put all around the keyboard and few screws in the middle. Just put new screws where it is possible, keyboard will hold on its place already because there is not so much space in the Macs housing.

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