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Battery Surface Laptop 2 (no Embedded Controller)

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Hi guys. I am asking for help patching my battery. The DSDT does not contain an embedded controller. Usually this would mean using the appropriate kext and voila finished. But no luck this time.


I got some info here: "Take a look at your IOreg: BAT1 data are wrongly set, _BIX & _BST are not returning the correct values.
In your Battery Status all data are 0xffffffff, which means null, they are not updated. Even _BIX is suffering the same problem.
Your ACPI uses _SAN.RQST method to retrieve that information:
Store (^^_SAN.RQST (0x02, 0x03, One, Zero, One), Local0)
You should have to debug that part of the ACPI, paying attention to Local0 (try with rehabman's ACPIDebug) and its size should be 0x10 (for _BST) otherwise the statement "ElseIf (LEqual (SizeOf (Local0), 0x10))" cannot be executed and your battery data are wrong.
The same for _BIX: in that case the Local0's bytes must be 0x77.
In both cases Local0 is a record filled with all necessary battery data."


I'd really, really appreciate it if someone can help or create a patch for working battery status. Ill buy you a coffee! :D


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