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Can't boot after a power fail

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I've been running Yosemite on my machine for years, everything working and no issues. Dual booting with Windows 10. I have a P67 Extreme4 Gen3, 2600k, and a  GTX 780. I couldn't get this machine updated so stuck with Yosemite1826831500_OSXHang.thumb.JPG.ee2b9d0fed03d096748f5885a228e2aa.JPG. Anyway, I'm using a Chameleon bootloader and as I say, it's worked perfectly for years. The other day, while I was booted into OS X, the power went out and now OS X won't boot. I have no idea what is wrong or how to fix it. I don't think I have the original USB installer either. It doesn't get very far in the boot process. I'm attaching an image to show where it gets to in the hope that someone has any kind of suggestion.


Thanks in advance.

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