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Region X 1.1.2 or another Mac DVD region free tool - Needed, can anyone help?


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Hey All,


I really need Region X 1.1.2 as I put a US DVD in my Laptop the other day in windows... and the damn crappy OS changed the DVD drive region... and I have no way to change it back... (run out of changes... I played 5 different DVD's and it changed 5 times without notifying me) the DVD drive is a PHILIPS CDRW/DVD SCB5265 if anyone's interested/needs to know.


I'm getting rid of XP off my Hackintosh because i'm well and truly fed up with it breaking everything.


If anyone could provide me with a *working* download link for it i'd really appreciate it! (It's freeware... but discontinued)


Either that or if anyone knows of any other Mac tool that will change the region i'd really appreciate it!



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