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10.4.6 to 10.4.8 Upgrade? Needed? Do I need to?


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Just wondering, have a crash free system for months with Final Cut FULL, Ilife, Garageband, all the JamPacks, Motion, Unison, Appzapper, UB Digital Performer all running smooth (now if I could only get a really AWSOME DRUM machine (LOL)) soft synth.


Anyway, been away for a bit, wondering why this upgrade if all is working would be needed?


Little snitch installed, (as well as Adobe Suite, Fireworks, etc) and would hate to crash it using the saying, if it ain't broke, don't fix it (probably an american cliche').


Thanks for any advice and thoughts.


PS. How we looking at getting GPU cards to run dual display, any progress yet or should I be off to the drivers forum (LOL).


Happy Thanksgiving (we all have something to be thankful for).



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You know, I've been wondering the same thing! I've downloaded both versions 10.4.8 and 10.4.6, I figure that if I did the 10.4.6 with the 10.4.8 upgrade package that it would be the best and the most bug free. Because everything is already ironed out on 10.4.6...but then again, I could be wrong!!





Dell 9400/E1705 Core Duo 2.0

Intel 3945

Intel onboard graphics




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Yes thats the same question i have....

I think, if yous system is up and running, there will be no real need to upgrade. one reason for you may be that with 10.4.8, NVIDIA and ATI PCIe Cards are near to full support with Dual Displays, so you may add a Graphics cards for that if needed.

But you have a system with a GMA 950, so maybe it yould be enough to add a add2dvi Card as i have with my asrock conroe945G-DVI board - here dual display works very fine.

i will set up my system new with two new 250gb sata drives and will try to test if i can install 10.4.8 and transfer my installation from 10.4.7 - but just for trial puposes. i will stay on my 10.4.7 installation. the 10.4.8 kernel still seems to have some issues, and it will be possible that, before they all are fixed, 10.5 will be out and working... :-)

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