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Please help! I really want to run osx86!


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Hi guys, I have been a big fan of the project for some time now, and even upgraded my rig to try and be able to run it, but with no success.


I have used 3 different iso's, including different kernels and useres (jas, goatsecs, hotiso etc)


The problem i get, is when i try and boot from DVD, i get the kernel panic error (Please restart your computer etc)


my current specs are:


Athlon 64 X2 4200

Asrock AM2NF4G-VSTA mobo

1GB (2x512) Crucial DDR2

LG 16x DVD/R drive

160gb SATAII drive (Partitioned 120gb(XP)/40gb(OSX))

Integrated Geforce 6100 gfx

20.1" Scepter 1000:1 5ms LCD widescreen



I currently have a FRESH xpmce install with nothing else but basic software, as I dont want to clutter up the drive yet incase i have to demolish whatever is on it now.


I have installed Acronis suite 10, with OSselector, and used the partitioning software to split up my drive.


If anyone could offer any insight into my problem, that would be great. If you feel I have left anything important out, please let me know and I shall do my best to get that info.


Thanks again guys, I really appreciate what you are doing here!

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