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Best guide to follow for Mojave on a HP Spectre x360 2015(Broadwell CPU) laptop

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Hi, I have a HP Spectre x360 from 2015 and here are my specs:

CPU: Intel Core i7-5500U

GPU: Integrated Intel HD 5500

Resolution: 1920x1080

1.I couldn't find any thread or guide for my particular laptop so I was wondering as to which would be the best guide to follow to install Mojave on this laptop. I'm currently thinking of following RehabMan's guide on booting the OSX installer on Laptops with Clover. If you feel that there might a different guide more suitable, please do let me know.

2. Before I wipe my hard disk and install it on that, is there any way to check if it would work on my system by running the OS from USB maybe like Linux allows you to do? Or would it be possible to install and run it on a different high storage USB maybe? I already have Windows running on my laptop and would love to confirm that it works before I wipe it clean. 

3. Would it be possible to retain my current Windows installation by creating a partition and installing MacOS on that? 

4.Also, if anyone has had success with this particular laptop or something very similar and have any specific advice (maybe kexts that the normal guide might not talk about) then that would be great too!

5.This is my first time here and attempting a hackintosh so I welcome any comments, especially if I'm missing anything in this post.

Thanks in advance!

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