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Kernel Panic! Ivy Bridge

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I installed Mojave but experienced random lag spikes and the network card stopped working after the first few boots. I tried to clean up my clover config more and add an SSDT using ssdtgen, but instead I ended up getting a Kernel Panic.  I was wondering if you guys could help diagnose it or maybe let me know if I made any mistakes?


Ive attached my EFI Folders:


EFI_NEW - EFI that booted, however had random lag spikes and networking not working


EFI_Old - EFI that experienced a kernel panic.


EFI Zips (too large to post): https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/15IY4bKzlVgbI4JawgLVNf_m5lW3ZehzR?usp=sharing


Ive also posted the errors when using EFI_New (error with SSDT and error without SSDT)



With SSDT.jpg



Without SSDT.jpg

Without SSDT2.jpg

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