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  1. I have a fresh install of Mojave that went smoothly. After booting up the only major issue I have left is that Im getting random lag spikes, every 10-20 seconds where the OS acts like its loading something (spinner icon) .In between those spikes though everything seems smooth... Not really sure where to go from here...Ive attatched my EFI and those debug reports. Thanks for taking a look guys! My system is i3570K 3.40Ghz AsRock z77 Extreme 4 MSI Armour Radeon RX 570 4GB EFI.zip debug_26792_sysprofile.zip debug_28560_gen_debug.zip
  2. So Ive got this booting now! I had to keep messing around with a combination of DP-DVI adapter connected to a DVI->HDMI adapter connected to my monitor. For some reason straight DP or straight HDMI wont work lol... It also boots in ypbpr mode, I think i may have to patch the EDID to force RGB though. Thanks for your help.
  3. Thanks! Ill try that out. Is there a way to generate an SSDT in windows or only linux/masOs? I tried to use AIDA64 but the new version (5.99) doesnt have the ACPI Tool and the old version (2.30) doesnt seem to work anymore.
  4. Hey Guys, Ive been trying to install mojave on my Z77 Extreme 4 i5 3570K (Ivy) /w Radeon RX 570 4GB. I get through the clover bootup process (apple logo) but it goes to black screen after that. I think something may still be happening in the background because If I leave it long enough, my PC will go to sleep and I can wake it back up to the black screen. Im connected to DP on my video Card. Ive tried all the DP outputs using a Mini DP -> DP cable. I tried the HDMI as well using HDMI cable. Ive tried a couple Config.plists but im out of Ideas now. Any help is greatly appreciated! (I've attached both config.plist attempts) config.plist config_orig.plist
  5. dsforsaken

    Marvell Support Effort

    is anyone close to getting 8001 working? or even trying for that matter
  6. dsforsaken

    Marvell Support Effort

    did you have internet access when u put in the device id?
  7. dsforsaken

    Marvell Support Effort

    damn, i guess that means we r almost there... it detects the card, just not the cable and i can view the network after i run ifconfig in the terminal to setup my card, but still no internet...
  8. dsforsaken

    Marvell Support Effort

    still no word on a working 88E8001?