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Black screen before installer... (z77 i3570k / RX570)

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Hey Guys, Ive been trying to install mojave on my Z77 Extreme 4 i5 3570K (Ivy) /w Radeon RX 570 4GB.  I get through the clover bootup process (apple logo) but it goes to black screen after that.  I think something may still be happening in the background because If I leave it long enough, my PC will go to sleep and I can wake it back up to the black screen.  Im connected to DP on my video Card.  Ive tried all the DP outputs using a Mini DP -> DP cable.  I tried the HDMI as well using HDMI cable.    Ive tried a couple Config.plists but im out of Ideas now.  Any help is greatly appreciated! 


(I've attached both config.plist attempts)



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Thanks! Ill try that out.  Is there a way to generate an SSDT in windows or only linux/masOs? I tried to use AIDA64 but the new version (5.99) doesnt have the ACPI Tool and the old version (2.30) doesnt seem to work anymore.

Same problem for me. I tried everything but screen always black when i boot from USB before intalling. I use latest lilu and weg kexts, monitor connected with HDMI. Once i succesfully installed the Mojave, but my old SSD is broken and i bought a new SSD and can't the install system because for the black screen.

Here is my config.plist



So Ive got this booting now!  I had to keep messing around with a combination of DP-DVI adapter connected to  a DVI->HDMI adapter connected to my monitor.  For some reason straight DP or straight HDMI wont work lol...  It also boots in ypbpr mode, I think i may have to patch the EDID to force RGB though. Thanks for your help.  

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