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MRT update issue

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Security update issue this morning. It appears some security updates were installing in the background this morning, when I clicked on reboot. It worked really hard for Mojave to boot into my Hackintosh. I have checked the System Information app on installations and it appears that one of the security features of macOS, XProtect, was updated. But MRT, another one that was suppose to be updated alongside XProtect was not. I have checked for updates and the update was not visible.
According to this
XProtect was suppose to be on version 2103 and installed on 2.05.2019 , and MRT of 1.41 and updated on the same day. It says on MRT that is 1.41 but no update for it today and the version of the app is dated on 27.04.2019 . Could someone please check on the System Information app this:
1. On Software/Installations if there are any updates for both XProtect and MRT dated for 2.05.2019
2. On Software/Applicaztions the version and the date of the MRT app. 


I use the dosdude1 app to run Mojave on this non-Metal hardware. This has the no integrity check bootflag required to boot, but this can cause issues on certain situations like this. If what I have does fit your information, it means MRT is corrupted by the failed installation of the update.


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