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  1. Firstly, on creating the High Sierra beta installation drive, I have edited the config.plist in TextEdit and changed Inject Intel to false and inject Nvidia to True have booted the High Sierra Beta with just the -v boot flag. It went fine. I have proceeded with the installation. On first boot, it said 21 minutes remaining, and then reboot, and then the installation it resumes. On first boot, the internal Macintosh HD has not icon, unlike the installation pen driver, only a blue circle. DDST patch seems over my expertise as of today, this seems the best solution. Dart=0, nv_disable=1 or npci=0x3000 do not seem to work. Also, when I managed to boot the OS using -x boot flag, it moved horribly slow, unlike Sierra or the installation medium of Sierra. It may be something regarding the low ram, yet, but that is, most likely, rather easy to fix. Installation of Clover failed. Specs: Asus P5P41TED Rev X.ox Intel Core2Duo E8500 2gb of ram Nvidia GeForce 6200
  2. Shut down block

    A new hard configuration, the old motherboard was broken. Things went fine at first. After a few days, noticed a nasty issue that was getting more and more serious: the os tended to block at shut down. It gets to CPUhalted (if offline) or Realtek link down on en0 (if online) and then stop. Overheating was an issue on the previous configuration (Gigabyte) based, but there, at least there was a CPU overheating alarm. On the new one, nothing similar. Specs are: Asus P5P41TED Rev X.ox Intel Core 2 Duo e8500 Nvidia GeForce 6200 To be able to shut down, I do this: 1) Reboot after being logged on; 2) reboot 1-3 times being logged off; 3) shut down being logged off. But sometimes not even this works. Sometimes, the bios seem to fail loading. At one point it even gave an error of loading. At first install, it ran until a Quick boot option, that skipped some tests, to be able to boot faster, but I disabled that, in order to keep the hardware safer, to run the full tests. This a serious issue. Maybe some patching will work. I boot with only verbose mode, -v, no other bootflags. A shut down block would potentially affect the installed OS on the hard drive? Is this a dead lock?
  3. Well, I am not too advanced so that I would be able to build the kext from source into a new version, from Sierra. I was hoping that there was a way to bypass the npci=0x3000 and make your kext work in Sierra. If not, my Hackintosh is lost for good, I need to get a new system. If the npci=0x3000 is caused by an issue in the motherboard itself. Right now, I have an onboard lan rtl8110sc and another lan card rtl8139c. You say there are no kexts for this lans for Sierra.
  4. Newbie here. I had a hackintosh for two years, build from refurbished components, I used the Tonymacx86 method to install Yosemite, El Capitan and Sierra. The old motherboard crashed las month, and I replaced it with a similar one, slightly older. Ethernet refused to work. All attempts to get a working kext failed. Specs are Gigabyte fsb 1066 ga-945gzm-s2 Intel Core 2 Duo E8500 Nvidia GeForce 6200 Due to the Nvidia Graphics card I need to use npci=0x3000 flag to get it to boot. On the previous motherboard, this caused no issues with the lan connection. I have aquired another lan card, RTL8139c, RehabMan on the Tonymacx86 board said to get the kext created by Mieze. I did, but it failed as well. I have downloaded the latest kext posted by Mieze, linked in this thread, found the kext file and pasted it into the installation pen drive. Failed. Reading this discussion, I see that she says that npci=0x3000 with cause issues with the lan kext. Perhaps this is why none of the lan cards do not work? In this case, I shall need a video card replacement. I am willing to cooperate and get logs and such, if I am showed where to find them, I have never face anything like this in the previous two hackintoshing years. I have only installed kexts using pkg files (the least mpkg) or copy/past into the Clover kext folder in the EFI partition, so I need to learn the other way to install them as well.