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Hi all, 

I've been building Intel hacks for years but this is my first try with AMD and it was successful! Well, kinda. It was working perfectly but now I have a problem. First, specs:

Ryzen 7 1700
Asus X470 Prime Pro
16GB Corsair Vengeance LPX 2666
Asus ROG Strix RX 480 Gaming 8GB

I used this method to install macOS and it went fantastically: https://hackintosher.com/guides/amd-ryz ... rra-10-13/


Thank you to @Bronya and @XLNC for their hard work on the kernel and pre/post install scripts.  

Pretty much everything works except for some power management issues I need to work out, but otherwise all system devices are recognised and functional. To perform the installation I removed all the other Windows drives in my system so i could attach them later and dual boot to Windows via Clover. Windows is on an old OCZ Z-Drive R4 300GB PCIe NVMe drive. It plugs into a PCIe slot. This was removed for the installation.

So as you can see from the pictures, the GPU was working great, I was getting all outputs, acceleration, the whole thing. 

Here's my problem...

Once I was all done, I plug my Windows drives back in and macOS seems to boot, no panics, no errors (in verbose) but when the GPU initiates the screens are getting signal (they do not turn off or say "no signal") but are blank. Just to reiterate, it's as if the RX 480 is just putting out black frames but the displays are receiving them. This only happens with the Windows boot drive (OCZ) plugged in. If I remove it, macOS boots fine. 

Any idea what's going on here? Nothing I seem to try works and I've been trying to work this out for a while now. Verbose boot tells me absolutely nothing.  Could the on-board storage controller on the OCZ drive not be recognised and causing a panic of some sort?  Verbose mode does not report an error of any kind.  

If anyone has come across this problem before (I haven't), please let me know or point me in the right direction.

Let me know if you need any more information from me.

Cheers :)




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