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BCM943602CS + Magic Keyboard = No Wake From Sleep

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I have the WiFi/Bluetooth chipset BCM943602CS and a Magic Keyboard, the Bluetooth module is connected to an internal USB port and I set the type to 255 (internal) in a custom SSDT.

My Hackintosh is sleeping fine with darkwake set without any value in Clover Configurator.

Only Problem is that it won't wake from sleep on key presses.

I already tested this USB port with a normal keyboard and the result was that it wakes up my Hackintosh on key presses.

The tiny LED on the WiFi/Bluetooth card also shines while sleeping.

And in system settings the Bluetooth wake option is enabled, too.


Has someone an idea where the problem could be or which additional settings I have to verify?

Thank you all :)

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Posted (edited)
16 minutes ago, Hervé said:

Double post...

I searched this forum today and found many similar posts but no one with my hardware configuration and my problem, for example I found a post were someone had the same hardware like me, but his problem was instant wake ups...

I also found posts with solutions to this problem that didn't worked for me, one person solved his problem by switching the state of a jumper, I had it already in the correct position...


If there's really an exact post like this please share the link, I wasn't able to find it.

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