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Installation doesn't list partitions nor harddrive


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I searched the forums but there isn't a real answer to this question:


In the installation of JaS 10.4.6 you have to select a partition where you wan't to install OSX but in my case there are NO PARTITIONS LISTED.


Also in the 'box' in the left-side of the window there only are my dvd drive and the boot-dvd in it, but I can't select a partition or harddrive.


Please help me out with this BIG problem.


My system specs are:


- AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice

- Asus A8N-E

- Asus Extreme AX700 PRO

- Kingston ValueRram PC3200 (2x512 MB)

- Maxtor Diamond Max Plus 9 80 GB

- BenQ DW1620 Pro DVD/CD +- Rewriter

- Ozaki VA303 2.1 Soundsystem

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The A8N-E has the nForce4 chipset, right?


Well, are you trying to install to a SATA drive? If so, nF4 SATA does not work. You must install to a PATA drive.


If the aforementioned is not the case (you are installing to a PATA drive), then have you used Disk Utility to partition/format the drive?

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How can I convert SATA to PATA; with a programm or another cable or something?


If it is a cable then:

-Is my harddrive slower then?

-Can I buy that cable in a usually computer store?

-Does an IDE-cable instead of a SATA also works?


Thanks very much

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