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install MAC - OSX blank HDD no startup disk , USING PC KEYBOARD

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Hello guys , i need some serious help


I bought a IMAc From a friend and the HDD was completely wiped no STARTUP DISK OR NOTHING


i USE WINDOWS KEYBOARD I NEED TO INSTALL MAC OS X , MAVERICK ON IT , my friend told me she had maverick on it but someone wiped the HDD for her 


WHEN i created bootable USB with a maverick i downloaded from internet it didnt boot


i tried dvd it didnt boot it was bootable iso i created with windows software transmac


can someone tell me how to setup a new MAC OS X ON MY imac


its MID 2011 WITH 1 Tb HDD it just gives me question mark with any command using the PC keyboard


anyone please help , with deep details and simple to understand i am new to MAC 



This forum is more for running Mac OS on no. Apple hardware.

Best way to get a bootable usb drive is to do it from another machine running Mac OS if you can get access to one.

Can be done on windows but I’ve never tried it.

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I did bootable USB but it wont load with my PC KEYBOARD , it shows me a flashing question mark 


right now i am burning a file to my dvd and hope mac will read my dvd WITH C command to boot from dvd I am burning a 8 gig dual DVD at the moment 


i will see if i may use MAC on my DESKTOP but i have a problem with VMWARE installing mac with AMD , right now i need someone who can help me with a clean install to a blank hdd on real iMAC

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