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ASRock ConRoe 945G-DVI


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I have a few questions from you all.. reading through other peoples experiences and with 10.4.8 in specific, would like a better understanding of the following:


1) Jumper PS2_USB_PWR1 - What does this really do? Does it have anything to do with whether you are using a USB or PS2 keyboard? Is it involved with sleep/wake? Most people say to move the jumper from the default - Mine appears to have come with pins 2&3 shorted, I moved it to 1&2 is that correct to use with PS2 keybd & mouse for waking up the system - XP worked fine as it was, the system would wake up with 2&3 jumpered - suggestions?


2) About This Mac/System Profiler does not work - does this work for any of you? (JaS 10.4.8 Intel SSE3 reseed) - chose semthex kernel


3) Which install packages should be picked? - I chose as few as I could, only the JaS 10.4.8 foundation Intel SSE3, semthex Intel SSE3, GMA950, and I chose X11 no additional fonts/languages, printers etc


Any and all information, assistance etc appreciated



Updated BIOS to 1.30 and set SUSPEND TO RAM to AUTO... still will not wake from sleep!


Any ideas ConRoe DVI owners???

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