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Building a new hackintosh based on AMD cpu?

Funky frank

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I am planning to upgrade my hackintosh from a core i7 4770 to a much faster system. Since Intel CPUs are such flawed by design lately, and those microcode patches will heavily degrade its performance, I was aiming for a new system based on an AMD cpu. It shouldn't be too expensive either.


So here are my questions:


1. Are there still kernel patches required for running macOS on recent AMD cpus?

2. If so, is it then running 100%

3. What are your recommendations for a cpu model? I want to have at least 8 physical cores, and single core speed should be at least a bit faster than it was on i7 4770 (even recent Intels only seem to have like max. 30% more)

4. What mainboard should I choose? I need a mATX form factor



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