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Old Moutain Lion & new Intel 8th gen. and Z370 Motherboard


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Hi there.

I'm setting up a Intel 8th gen and Gigabyte Z370 MB based hackintosh.

But my problem is: I need to use it over Mac OS 10.8.5, Mountain Lion.

So it's a new setup with an old OS...

Is it possible? A lot of cons?

Thank you for any help.

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Just set up an El Capitan on my setup

You need to cpu fakeid to supported cpu of ML in CloverConfigurater

SMBios is VERY important too, otherwise you get error.


There is a PlatformSupport.plist in /S/L/CoreServices that controls what platform you can install to.


I run same Clover config.plist with Mojave and El Capitan

To do so I copied said plist from M to E

So I run El Capitan on iMac18,3 which i NOT supported


You will need to fix the ML Installer OR use a compatible SMBios for the install

Then you can copy whatever (Mojave?) plist to /S/L/C and use one config.


Its great fun to run older OS X, may try getting Snow Leopard to Install as that was a great.


Have fun, hope that help.


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actually 10.8.2 onwards does have xhci but it has to be the right chipset. it seems FL1100 and uPD720200 are among the supported ones. there're also the GenericUSBXHCI and PXHCD kexts. these however did not work with my b360.

i'll give the nec uPD720200 a try this week and report back ...

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the card arrived and i gave it a couple of tries but nothing worked. neither the mentioned kexts nor the AllowAnyXHCI method mentioned there https://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/285157-patched-appleusbxhci-from-os-1082/

i also tried the original LaCie kext which to my surprise worked with 10.6.8 but not 10.8.5. only partially tho, the mouse was working but it didn't want the keyboard at all.

now it's either trying an FL1100 or a pcie usb 2.0 card.

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