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ryzen 7 1700x mojave

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12 hours ago, sam2424 said:


is my system compatible for mojave?

ryzen 7 1700x

gpu 1060 6g

mobo asus prime x370-pro


where can i see a complete guide for mojave installation in similar system?

thanks :)


The system is compatible except the 1060 card.   There are no web drivers for Mojave yet.   If you have a AMD R9 xxx, or RX 560-580, or Vega card it will work.   Or Nvidia Kepler card like GT710, 730, 740, 760, 770, 780.   There are a few other Nvidia cards that have Mojave native drivers.   GTX 640-650? 


if you have an alternative graphics card you can find the custom kernel in the AMD Mojave Kernel Testing thread.   You will need the kernel, prelinkedkernel and System kext.   

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Hijack your thread a bit,,


I have a running Mojave on AMD built with GTX 1050. But it's running on generic driver which lags a bit. I am waiting for my RX580 2048SP to switch from GTX 1050. Is it just a simple swap of card and macOS will handles the driver and update my GPU to support? 

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