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FakeSMC: Please add support for AMD Radeon Pro WX 4100


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Thank you very much! You are right. My fault not to tell which FakeSMC version I used. I used Rahabman's newest fork 2018-0915, which does not seem to support my GPU. I tried HWSensors3 r184 and it showed up all my GPU sensor values and GPU fan speeds correctly.


HWSensors3 is very powerfull, but it looks like I have to dig into my DSDT to make ACPImonitor.kext work. I observed some other minor glitches with HWMonitorSMC2.app. Maybe I will open another thread to ask about these ("RAM" showing up as "O3Y", vertical scroll bars can't be disabled, DIMM 0 is frozen at 0 °C, no S.M.A.R.T. for the second HDD).


@Slice: I appreciate your work! Greetings from Germany to Russia!

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