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Suggestions for a dedicated GC

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First, my setup:


Asus ROG Strix H370-I motherboard 

i5 8400 cpu

32gb 2133 ram

1tb Samsung EVO 860 ssd

intel 630 graphics (integrated)


im having graphical issues with the 630, so I was hoping someone could point me in the direction of a good 1gb/2gb graphic card that is supported. My PSU is only 250watt so I can’t get a card that requires a lot of power. Also, I’m using a very small case, so the card can’t be too big either. Cost isn’t a problem.


thanks in advance!



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'sounds like your computer will only support low-end low-profile cards for which there are existing threads re: Mojave. Look these up, knowing that you already received an answer on the matter here.


A few examples:

  • nVidia Kepler (the only generation supported in Mojave): GeForce GT710, GT720, GT730
  • AMD (GCN1.0 and above required for Mojave): Radeon R5 240, R7 240, R7 250


Do a Search on the forum.




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