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What are SSe3 alternatives for 478 mobo's?


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I have a p4 northwood at 2.8ghz and there exist once a prescott p4 2.8ghz sse3. Problem it cost at least 100$, runs 30% hotter at the same speed and is most of the time between 5% and 10% slower.


The heat isue can be a problem becuase my computer is a small barebone computer (shuttle) and is to hot already. But that way i would have sse3 and i can run titan drivers for my gt6600 so i can run CI and QE.


Does someone know some other cheaper/better sse3 cpu that i can put in my 478 mobo? max speed my mobo supports is now 3ghz. I dont know what a sse2 patch will bring in the feature and when. But when buying a cpu maybe in 10.4.9 the support breaks .....

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