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I'm trying to use my old iMac's system HD clone on my new Hackintosh. Please help.

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I've cloned my old imac's system onto an external HD using Carbon Copy Cloner. The old system is Sierra 10.12.6. It has all of my audio/music work on it from the past 8 years. It’s essential for my career that i have my old HD moved onto my new system.

My new Hackintosh is: i7 8700 cpu, Gigabyte Z370N Wifi Motherboard, onboard graphics (uhd 630). High Sierra is OS on the boot drive. 

Mounted in the new Hackintosh is a 250gb nvme ssd and a 1TB HD. I want to move what’s on this external HD onto the new 1TB HD. What’s the best way to go about this process? Do i need to edit anything in the EFI? Or BIOS? I will try straight cloning it from external HD to internal HD while being logged into the internet nvme ssd. But is there anything i need to know before i do?

I tried to plug the external HD straight into into my new Hackintosh via USB and boot with it. No dice. It loaded for quite a while with the apple logo and then when it got about 65% in it went to the error screen: 


This gives me the impression that clone may have problems too. Can somebody fill me in on the information i require to get this to work?

Thanks so much

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I already did have Clover installed, EFI was set up and config was done. I was talking about cloning to a secondary HD.


Anyway CorpNewt helped me solve it, and what fixed it was faking the CPU ID + adding a kext called XHCI-unsupported.


Now i can choose to boot either my 10.13.6 nvme ssd or my 10.12.6 HD. Stoked!

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