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  1. I already did have Clover installed, EFI was set up and config was done. I was talking about cloning to a secondary HD. Anyway CorpNewt helped me solve it, and what fixed it was faking the CPU ID + adding a kext called XHCI-unsupported. Now i can choose to boot either my 10.13.6 nvme ssd or my 10.12.6 HD. Stoked!
  2. I've cloned my old imac's system onto an external HD using Carbon Copy Cloner. The old system is Sierra 10.12.6. It has all of my audio/music work on it from the past 8 years. It’s essential for my career that i have my old HD moved onto my new system.My new Hackintosh is: i7 8700 cpu, Gigabyte Z370N Wifi Motherboard, onboard graphics (uhd 630). High Sierra is OS on the boot drive. Mounted in the new Hackintosh is a 250gb nvme ssd and a 1TB HD. I want to move what’s on this external HD onto the new 1TB HD. What’s the best way to go about this process? Do i need to edit anything in the EFI? Or BIOS? I will try straight cloning it from external HD to internal HD while being logged into the internet nvme ssd. But is there anything i need to know before i do?I tried to plug the external HD straight into into my new Hackintosh via USB and boot with it. No dice. It loaded for quite a while with the apple logo and then when it got about 65% in it went to the error screen: This gives me the impression that clone may have problems too. Can somebody fill me in on the information i require to get this to work? Thanks so much
  3. What issues did you have with the ASRock motherboard exactly? I'm about to buy one
  4. I'm about to buy the ASRock H370 Fatal1ty Performance motherboard to go along with the i7 8700 and its onboard graphics. Do you think the process in this guide will apply to those components as well? I'm a little hesitant because this is the only guide i can find for a ASRock H370 motherboard
  5. Looking to buy the ASRock H370 Fatal1ty Performance to use with an i7 8700 and its onboard graphics. It's my first time building a Hackintosh and so ease of installation is important to me, but this particular motherboard has all the features i need + i've found a deal with it for $85 off the usual price and budget is tight. Is there any reason that these boards are less popular? There's not many guides with them on the internet. Do they provide any problems? Some people have told me that they don't have NVRAM but other people have told me they're absolutely fine. I'm conflicted, need some more input. Please share any successes or information or guides you have with them. Thanks!
  6. Not surprised to hear that. I think i'm going crazy lol. I've been researching computer parts every night for a week straight and at this point i'm probably overthinking it. But i've never built a PC before (let alone a Hackintosh) and my budget is so tight that i can't afford to make a mistake by getting the wrong mix of components. So this is me being thorough. I'm trying my best to understand every angle of this process. But you gotta understand that i'm getting different opinions from multiple sources that sometimes contradict each other, so half the time when i'm throwing ideas at you (or anyone else) i'm doing it to check if the info aligns with other sources or not. Don't think that part is a fair assessment. The ultimate intention behind all of my choices have been to futureproof myself. The desire for a cooler is to make sure i don't damage my cpu. Anyway You gotta give me some credit. Thunderbolt is very alive and well in audio world. There's a company called Universal Audio that make arguably the best plugins, and have arguably the best audio interface on the market (the Apollo), and they use thunderbolt. I'd like to get one once i save up the money in a year or 2. So i will need to have thunderbolt for that. Another great company called Focusrite does interfaces through TB too. If you don't think TB is a big thing in audio world, then maybe i'm talking to the wrong person here. When recording audio you need as little latency as possible. Thunderbolt provides greater speed and less latency. It's what professional studios use. Recording audio is a key part of having an audio workstation. Hence thunderbolt. All i've been doing for the past week is watching youtube reviews. At some point you gotta get real world experience from real people. That's why i'm reaching out on forums. It seems i'm probably reaching in the wrong places at the moment. Anyway thanks for your responses. Cya
  7. Hmm, it's really hard to search for RAM without the search results showing full computers Btw: this is the build i have planned now -- https://au.pcpartpicker.com/list/4MNf4q (note- the Antec GX900B is only there as a placeholder cos the 1200 doesn't exist on that site)
  8. I don't know of a $100 Mobo that supports 8th gen + thunderbolt + compatible with mac osx etc. I don't need a lot of those features like SLI etc but there's not a lot of cheaper mobo options. There's this one but it's only $20 cheaper. Gotta make sure it has thunderbolt support in order to properly futureproof myself. Don't forget the Hackintosh element too. Nah, 2 seperate drives is a must in audio world. Also, i will need to clone my current 1TB over to the new 1TB. I dug around a bit, and the guy in this video did some tests and found that the i7 8700 throttles and doesn't perform properly with the stock cooler. ^ I'm probably misunderstanding the conclusion of that video haha, i watched it at 3am last night, but the conclusion i came away with was that the CPU will need an aftermarket cooler. Probably even more so if i'm using on board graphics. Good idea. What's dual channel? millusions you my friend are a case tease. Haha that's right a case tease. You got me all hot on the Antec and then brought me back down to earth.
  9. Maybe the sacrifice can come from skipping the GPU altogether and just use onboard graphics on the 8700 like RandomTech suggested. As long as it works fine without any headaches then maybe that's the go-to option. Also need a HDMI port that plays at least 1080p60. What would be the pros and cons of that option?
  10. I still think Cougar is more like a Chevy too except their company is new and trying to break into the market so their prices haven't caught up to their quality yet. You've definitely got me thinking though. I knew Antec were good but $79 is hard to pass up. And although it seems negligible i do like the idea of having some futuristic lights shining through the grill of the computer, haha. The top notch quality is a bonus, lol. I'm just trying to figure out if i can get the $25 that i've added into the expenses back by sacrificing something somewhere else. https://au.pcpartpicker.com/user/Barncore/saved/DLcsZL SOMEwhere has to be sacrificed if i am to afford this thing at all. I'm already over my budget. Previously the place of sacrifice was the case. My thought was that functionality is more important than looks. And luckily, cougar were high quality for their price. But now you've bloody gone and sold me on this Antec case! Hahaha. Curse you. I'd be okay with sacrificing some CPU and getting a 6th or 7th gen processor, but they are more expensive than 8th gen! I think the closest MSY near me is North Melb. I don't have a car though so might have to get it delivered.
  11. Hey milliusions, going back to our convo from before -- do you know if air flow would be good enough if i used that Antec case you suggested and its 2 fans + buy 1 extra 120mm case fan + use the stock cooler on a i7 8700 instead of buying an aftermarket cooler? Not sure what your knowledge of air flow is like but you mentioned skipping the CPU cooler in favour of the Antec case so now i'm curious
  12. I was told by a fairly reliable source that having gpu instead of on board graphics frees up power from other components (i can't remember which, i think ram)
  13. I still think you're underrating the Cougar case. Don't be fooled by the price, it's quality material. And i like the look. I don't feel like i'm settling for something undesirable to save a buck like you're suggesting. That Antec case IS pretty sexy though. I like the 2 lightup fans it comes with, and i like how there's a button on top to change the lights. If i skipped the "Be Quiet Pure Rock Slim" cpu cooler (which is $40) then i would easily be able to afford that Antec case. But would my air flow be good enough with just the 2 fans that comes with the case??