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Disable AptioMemoryFix ONLY for Ubuntu (three OSes on 1 SSD)

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I have a lovely install of macOS, Win 10, Ubuntu 18.04 all on one drive. And everything works. Almost.


The presence of AptioMemoryFix.efi in drivers64UEFI breaks Ubuntu boot – it stops on purple screen and remains there ("ramdisk" error).

When I remove AptioMemoryFix Ubuntu loads just as it should, but macOS doesn't. I tried all the OSXAptio* replacements, 1 and 2 cause immediate reboot, 3 causes problems – three out of four times I get the stop sign (and then on the fourth or fifth attempt it loads, which leads me to thinking the *order* of .efi files has something to do with it).


Is it possible to either force Clover to NOT load AptioMemoryFix when booting Ubuntu or to load it ONLY when booting macOS? (Windows doesn't seem to care at all.)


Thanks so much in advance for any response!

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