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stuck at Trying to shadow VBIOS... i5 2520M + GF 610M (ASUS K43SD)


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So excited! It's now installing! I used your provided ACPI folder and the Config.Plist to replace these in my EFI drive. Reboot and it is finally start installing! I will update this post to let you know how it works.


Thanks a million! You have settled my troubles of two months! 





Successfully installed! Just lots of driver to seek. I can send a summary tomorrow. 


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You have a good understanding on the function of Hackintosh and how it works so you make thing right. I am benefited for that. 


I am attaching my screen captures for your review. 


Open  issues:


1. Have to press FN+number lock to use keypad normally. How to change this default? 

2. Built in Wifi module not working. I used a USB wifi for now.

3. SSD not TRIM.

4. HD3000 is working instead of GF610? VRAM 384, is this normal? VGA not working but HDMI can.

5. Battery not working properly. Can add the icon onto the top bar. 

6. Big issue - USB 3.0 port can not read any USB devices. I only got 3 USB ports - one for mouse, one for Wifi- I have to remove one before I can use a flash.

7. Monitor brightness can be adjusted normally.

8. Can’t wake up from sleeping.


Will keep improving in coming days. If you can guide me further, it's much appreciated! One capture show my hardwares. 





Captures of system, including hardware list 




Thanks so much buddy!

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On 1/23/2019 at 12:47 AM, Hervé said:

Here, give this revised EFI a shot:



I'm not sure you'll be able to run on your nVidia dGPU since OS X/macOS does not support Optimus. You may have to adjust your BIOS settings and enable or disable Optimus to run only on the nVidia dGPU or the Intel iGPU. Bear in mind that GeForce 610M is Fermi GF119 and that support for this dGPU may therefore be poor and somehow buggy beyond El Capitan (i.e. same as desktop GT610).


I've also applied the following changes:

  • renamed iGPU device from GFX0 to IGPU in your DSDT
  • renamed EHCx devices to EH0x devices in your DSDT
  • under kexts folder, moved all kexts to Other and removed 10.12 folder
  • removed NullCPUPM kext 
  • added a CPU PM ssdt table for your i5-2520M CPU in ACPI/patched folder
  •  adjusted Graphics settings to just inject nVidia graphics 
  • adjusted SMBIOS to MBP8,1 (Sandy Bridge model)
  • adjusted Kernel & Kexts Patches to add AICPUPM + RTC patches
  • cleaned up ACPI settings

 If you still get trouble with the GeForce 610M, we can look at disabling it through ACPI patching so that you run solely on the Intel HD3000 iGPU.


I read a lots of posts these days and got the my laptop won't be able to disable HD3000. And now is HD3000 working. But I think GF 610 is still consuming power and I feel it hot. Could you help to disable GF610 so I can run HD3000 only? 


Other than that, two questions: 

no battery percentage can be shown, even can show a icon on the top bar;

Can't shut down. Have to press button to force shut down. I can see after I click shutdown computer is running in full power, significantly hot!


I also attached the panic report - everything after I log in, it pop up. 

Still learning every day!


Ps. I removed ssdt and ssdt since with them I can’t use my mouse.



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