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Cloning an OSx86 hard disk


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I've surfed here hi and low on this topic, and might have a stupid question --


Why is it that I can use Super Duper to clone my MacBook Pro (new Core 2 Duo) hard disk, and all is fine (e.g. the new clone -- going from 120 Gb >> 160 Gb -- is fine, it boots when it replaced the original, etc.), but when I try to clone my OSx86 hard disk (running 10.4.8 Semthex) cloning goes fine but the new hard disk doesn't boot?


I use the same identical procedure on both the MacBook Pro and OSx86 computer. The MacBook Pro clone works/boots, while the OSx86 clone doesn't?


Second question -- there has got to be a simpler way to clone an OSx86 drive than some of the quite elaborate suggestions posted on this thread? I have Acronis True Image 10, and don't mind paying for another application that will let me do this. My criteria is not free -- I don't mind paying -- but rather simple and consistent way to clone an OSx86 hard drive (like my MacBook Pro).


Will Retrospect 6.1 do it?


Any feedback or advice would be appreciated. I would like to upgrade my OSx86 install to a brand new 750 Gb drive and need some help/advice.



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