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G5 Green Water

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Decided on water-cooling my oldish system. I modified Antec 650 kulher but pump wasn't strong enough :(

 I've added cheap pump from amazon which is way too noisy on full speed so I've build my own Arduino PWM controller. 

Nice and quiet now. 






Specs are in my signature. 100% Vanilla - only FakeSMC kext is used.

This build meant to be cheap and cheerful, mainly made from spare parts I had and some eBay bargains.

It's actually very fast machine considered it cost me £250 in total.












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This is dissembled and parts sold, G5 case is ready for the new project. :) i5 Ivy Bridge was showing it's age on Catalina, I've build Hack mini with low power i3-8100T and it was outperforming that i5-3570K in real life use (Logic, Final Cut) . You know it's time to say good bay. I will be building new G5 with i5-9600K on Z370 board for high compatibility, this time water-cooling with the hard tube. I will be making new post when done.

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