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Intel m3-8100Y with UHD615 graphics

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Hi all!


I have a challenge that I'm hoping you can help me with. I am trying to get macOS running on a tiny ultra-portable computer, both as an experiment and because it would actually be my preferred OS on this if at all possible, and also because if you see it you'll probably have to agree with me; it's a MacBook Nano. It has to run macOS. I am referring to the GPD Pocket 2. Check it out if you're not familiar with it, you might love it!


Casual intro aside; This particular device sports an Intel m3-8100Y, which is from the same Amber Lake family as the new 2018 MacBook Air's i5-8210Y. Unike the Air's Intel UHD617, this unit has an UHD615, but from what I gather this is quite a common and well enough supported IGPU.


Onto my issue; I have been able to successfully get macOS installed and can boot into it without the graphics properly configured, so About this Mac shows 8mb of vram. The challenge comes with my attempts at properly configuring the graphics. I have actually been able to (seemingly, I guess?) configure it right by using framebuffer patching, but when it is "properly" configured, the internal display will not show anything. I can only get a picture by connecting an external monitor. The internal display shows macOS loading fine, but the moment it gets to the login screen it goes dark, and I can't get it to stop doing that.


When the graphics are configured through framebuffer patches, it shows up as "Intel UHD Graphics 615 1536 MB". Without it configured it shows as "Intel UHD Graphics 615 8 MB.


I have attached the EFI folder (sans themes) as I have it right now, as-well Lilu's log file and the file I was able to generate using the debug versions of WhateverGreen and Lilu.  I also noticed a possibly interesting/useful log file called displaypolicyd.iGPU.log, which I've included too. The secondary config file is the one I can use to boot up without the graphics configured so I can actually see something on the screen.


Please let me know if there is anything else I can provide you with. Any and all help you can provide would be most welcome. I would love to see this thing properly boot into macOS (Even though I know things like WiFi definitely won't work, but there's ways around that at least), and if I do manage to get it all working I'll share the complete results back with the community.


Thank you!






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