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  1. Deibu

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    Ah I see! Unfortunately not, in this scenario the internal display refuses to show anything, it's not even recognized as being present in macOS, whether I check in display preferences or by using IORegistryExplorer. I was able to get the screenshot made by using an externally plugged in display, which works in this setup when it is plugged in from boot. What would be the best way to debug the internal display not being recognized in this scenario?
  2. Deibu

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    Hi Headkaze! I was wondering; If you use spoofing for the GPU/CPU, should the CPU/GPU information in "About This Mac" or System Information show the spoofed information, or is it normal if it still shows the real hardware there? For example, in the screenshot I attached I attempted to spoof Kaby Lake with Intel UHD 617, which Hackintool seems to have picked up on upon reboot, but both About This Mac and System info show UHD Graphics 615, not what it was spoofed to. Is that normal, or did my spoofing fail somehow? config-shoudbeuhd617.plist
  3. Deibu

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    Thanks so much for looking into this Kaze! I've tried the IDs you suggested and a few variations, but sadly they boot with the typical low 8mb thingy. I think it might have something to do with 0x591E being HD615, whereas the IGPU in this device is UHD615? I tried 0x5917 which is supposed to be UHD620 on Kaby Lake if I got that right, but that did not work either, it just shows up with 8mb. I also tried lilucpu=10 with ig-platform-id 0x3EA50009 and device-id 0x3E920009 (and a few variants as there are multiple) for UHD630, but that gave me a KP. ~~EDIT: Another oddity, with these settings in place it seems like -igfxdump refuses to work, as I can't see the Framebuffer file created in root. I am not sure what would cause that, could this be related to me having set the platform/device IDs?~~ Scratch this, I was dumb, I had updated Lilu and WhateverGreen to their latest versions, replacing the debug versions with normal ones.. Le sigh. EDIT*2: I should also clarify and say that "About This Mac" still shows the CPU as a Core M3, and the GPU as "Intel UHD Graphics 615 8MB", suggesting that perhaps the spoofs I set don't actually work. I have attached the EFI folder (sans themes), perhaps this will help. I'm at least 60% sure I made a mistake somewhere, so please do point out where I did so! EFI.zip
  4. Deibu

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    Sorry, I replied to Headkaze about a different topic, not yours :). But regarding your challenge; I think you're on the right track in trying to find something that is similar enough to your hardware. I didn't read through all your posts but I would recommend you also try several SMBIOS presets to see if using another device (ie. one if the imac options) can help you get to boot properly. Even if you're doing this on a laptop, it might be handier to first start by trying to get it to boot with proper graphics acceleration, and then work your way back from there. I hope you can figure it out!
  5. Deibu

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    I've tried this with the Intel UHD 617 (the one the late 2018 Macbook Air has, I figured that would be worth a shot), but unfortunately it did not work either. I might have to try other ones, or perhaps find a way to manually tweak specific bus settings. I have shared some of the logs and related files over in a separate thread, I know it's a lot to ask and you're busy helping so many people solve their problems, but if you end up having a moment to spare and can perhaps help get a bit more insight in to what might specifically cause the internal display to refuse to show up with the iGPU (seemingly properly) configured, I and other owners of this device will be forever in your debt!
  6. Deibu

    Hackintool v2.8.6

    I've been trying to get an internal display working of a device that has an Intel m3-8100Y (Amber Lake) CPU with UHD615 graphics. As Amber Lake isn't an option in FB Patcher, would there be an alternative I can use, or perhaps specify a custom ID somewhere (and if so, which custom ID) to try to get it to work? A bit of background; The internal display shows something when I don't configure the IGPU, so there's no hardware acceleration and it only has a few MB of vram, but when I configure it so far I'm only able to get it to work if an external (HDMI over USBC) display is plugged in, the internal screen always stays black. I feel like I'm so close to getting it to work, but I'm missing one thing! The patch I'm able to create with fb-patcher is most definitely missing something due to the Amber Lake thing. (In case you need more info, I've shared some logs and whatnot here). Thank you!