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Hey everyone, I've created a shiny installing package for a few kexts, but in order for the kexts to work correctly, a shell script must be run after the files are done installing with the bash visible.


The shell script looks like this...



echo Please enter your Graphics Card Device ID, then press enter.

echo If you are not sure how to check for the Device ID, type \"help\" minus quotes

read devid



So the terminal/bash needs to open so that they can enter their device ID.


I tried renaming the shell script to postinstall, put it in Contents/Resources folder but I'm not sure if it ran.


Anyways, in brief, it would be awesome if the terminal could pop up after an install running my shell script. And I was wondering if any of you could point me in the right direction? I'm kinda new to PackageMaker and any help anyone could spare would be great.



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