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  1. Katana

    A small request: Could anyone using 10.4.6 Goatsecx send me their IOPCIFamily.kext (in /System/Library/Extensions)? Thanks
  2. Katana

    I didn't forget about you, don't worry. I just haven't found the cause of your problem yet.
  3. Katana

    xAyiDe - The 'some error' part is kinda important - error messages are there for a reason if you could tell me what it says I could give you some help, otherwise I wouldn't know where to begin codestain - Yes, it seems omni's website is off the map. I searched my files for any copies of Callisto I had, but unfortunately I couldn't find any - So, I extracted Callisto from Katana and attached it below. It lacks all the other files included in the archive (this is only Callisto.kext and CallistoHAL.kext), but should be exactly the same besides that. Callisto003.zip
  4. Katana

    codestain - Well, if you don't see Callisto.kext and CallistoHAL.kext then it's no wonder that you're having some issues. Try installing Callisto manually by downloading build_003fixed from Omni's website (http://omni.starchaser.org, under archives), use the install guide in the archive to get you off the ground - if you get stuck let me know and I'll lend a hand. redoxin - I'm not entirely sure what's causing that error, I'll do some research on it (I got it a long time ago but I've since forgotten what caused it). I'm sure it's something ridiculously simple, but I just can't think of it right away - It's been too long, sorry
  5. Katana

    redoxin - Unfortunately the Apple DVD player will not work with Katana, I believe you need to have Quartz Extreme in order for it to work. You can try to use VLC to play DVDs instead (http://www.videolan.org/vlc/), but it's very sluggish. I haven't probed too much into this, but as far as I know without QE you're going to be out of luck with DVD player and I'm not sure of any (fully) working alternatives to this with OpenGL via Callisto. codestain - Could you be a bit more specific? What about it isn't working? I'm guessing that Katana installed successfully, but you're not getting OpenGL acceleration - If that's the case - click the mac in the top left corner, select about this mac, more info, system profiler comes up, on the left column go down to software --> extensions and tell me if you see anything that says Callisto there
  6. Katana

    Well, I regret to say this, but, well, I should. I haven't had the time to work on Katana or any of my own projects unfortunately, and I still haven't been able to get a OSx86 box. So, regrettably, all work on Katana v.4 has been suspended indefinitely. I'll still hang around to support existing versions and help developers create an alternative (if they so choose) from time to time - but at this point just v.2c and v.3* will be the only releases of Katana. If I had it my way, I'd work on Katana all the time - but I've got way too many things on my plate right now. Sorry.
  7. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    dSlifer - I've attached a series of finder screenshots which should lead you to the config.wtf file if followed, add the data from the previous post, save it, then (hopefully) you should be good to go. Edit: If you still don't see it after following the steps above, something might be rotten with your World of Warcraft install. s1.tiff s2.tiff s3.tiff
  8. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    dSlifer - Open up the WTF folder (in the World of Warcraft folder in Applications), and open Config.wtf in TextEdit Add these lines: SET gxApi "opengl" SET ffxDeath "0" This should make WoW playable on any system with OpenGL acceleration (athough it may not be too elegant). Good luck.
  9. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    pulponair - What graphics card are you using?
  10. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    Coffee_Bean - Simply adding the device ID to a kext will (unfortunately) not work for many cards as many are incompatible with the kexts in OS X (also, were you using the 9600 kexts?). Callisto will 'break' QE as it's using a different set of kexts. To get back where you were, use KatanaDoctor to restore your previous configuration (if thats how you installed Callisto/AGPGart), or remove Callisto.kext, CallistoHAL.kext and AGPGart.kext from your /System/Library/Extensions folder and remove Extensions.mkext and Extensions.kextcache in the /System/Library folder, then reboot. That will remove all effects of Callisto and AGPGart on your system, if it still isn't back to normal something else is likely the culprit.
  11. Katana

    bushmills - please see this previous post. Edit: Oh yes, thanks for those files gt, I'll be sure to take a look at them.
  12. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    Well nunex, I'm sorry but things have been beyond chaotic for me - so I really haven't had any time at all to experiment with solutions to your particular problem. Callisto's detection of a R350 in place of an R300 is no biggie - my card was always detected as a Radeon 9000 Lf, it worked fine. It's not the name that matters really, provided that it's compatible and works You my have tried these already, but see if these work for you http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry183479 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...mp;#entry184727 Edit: Str4nger - Well, it sucks to hear this I know, but OS X wasn't designed to run on these machines - we have to count our blessings . Looking back a year ago, being able to simply change the resolution and getting wireless to work was a seriously big deal. OSx86 still isn't ready for prime time, but we're getting closer. So, just wait, something will come sooner or later. At this point in time, I don't know of any way to fix sluggish QE performance, but I recommend you download Xbench and tell me what the results are (prefferably by PM) - it may shed some light on a specific problem causing the 'QE lag'.
  13. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    nunex - When I get some time on my hands, I'll grind something out for you. dSlifer - Ouch, so close to glory! Sorry to hear that. Well, it will hopefully come soon my friend
  14. Getting closer - An ATI graphics guide

    dSlifer - That could be the culprit, Katana has been tested on with 10.4.6 and up so it is a possibility, I'm not sure if Apple did anything too drastic graphicswise from 10.4.4 to 10.4.6, but if you do upgrade some time in the future I'd be interested to see if it does the same thing. It comes as no surprise to me (unfortunately) that iLife and Keynote are giving you a hard time - both use QE liberally, and if you don't have QE you're definitely going to have a hard time. If they are really important to you, you may want to buy a compatible graphics card (you can check the HCL here). nunex - Your 9700 pro should be able to use the Radeon 9700 kexts to some extent. Although I've never tried this before, you might be able to get away with adding your graphics card's device id into your ATIRadeon9700.kext info.plist. If this doesn't work, I can walk you through another procedure. Also, the ATI drivers for OS X will not help you at all :/

    The new macs use the intel core 2 duo processor, so there is no 'mac' processor at this point. As for powerpc processors, there is no way for those to work with an intel motherboard, sorry.