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USB ports broken and/or flakey after 10.14.1 Update

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Hello again,  I did the 10.14.1 update a few days ago and hadn't needed to use anything USB until today and I have very little, if any functionality on most of the USB ports.  For example, external drives do not connect, USB audio device that was working well won't play anything, just start-stop, on-off stuttering, also Apple keyboard connected via cable and a USB hub not recognised.  If I plug the things into different ports, I can see that there's slightly different level of functionality, the two USB 3 case front ones working the best, but still not right.


I think this motherboard may have all native USB and there's a mixture of USB 2, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 v2 and USB c.


Rog Strix Z390-i running the latest 805 BIOS


32GB Corsair DDR4

Samsung 970 Pro M.2


Things that are plugged in to the USB ports most of the time:


Patriot Rage 2 USB Drive

Lenovo USB 3 4 port hub

Bluetooth dongle

RME Babyface Pro


Other stuff, less often plugged in:


A few different external USB 3 hard drives

Keyboard and trackpad


Could anyone point me in the right direction please?


Thanks :thumbsup_anim:

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