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  1. Hello again, I did the 10.14.1 update a few days ago and hadn't needed to use anything USB until today and I have very little, if any functionality on most of the USB ports. For example, external drives do not connect, USB audio device that was working well won't play anything, just start-stop, on-off stuttering, also Apple keyboard connected via cable and a USB hub not recognised. If I plug the things into different ports, I can see that there's slightly different level of functionality, the two USB 3 case front ones working the best, but still not right. I think this motherboard may have all native USB and there's a mixture of USB 2, USB 3.0, USB 3.1 v2 and USB c. Rog Strix Z390-i running the latest 805 BIOS 8700K 32GB Corsair DDR4 Samsung 970 Pro M.2 Things that are plugged in to the USB ports most of the time: Patriot Rage 2 USB Drive Lenovo USB 3 4 port hub Bluetooth dongle RME Babyface Pro Other stuff, less often plugged in: A few different external USB 3 hard drives Keyboard and trackpad Could anyone point me in the right direction please? Thanks
  2. Monkey303

    Unable to install 10.14.1 update

    Thank you, Hervé, your second suggestion did the trick! Much appreciated!
  3. Monkey303

    Unable to install 10.14.1 update

    Thanks. It reboots and then loads back into Mojave and tells me there's an update available and it does it all over again. It doesn't install anything. Also, on the clover boot screen, I have:1. Boot macOS install from install macOS Mojave2. Boot FileVault prebooter from Preboot3. Boot macOS install prebooter from preboot 4. Boot macOS install from Hackintosh 970 Pro5. Boot macOS from Hackintosh 970 Pro6. Boot recovery from recoveryI think number 4 and 5 start to do some kind of install and they hang at 28 minutes remaining. Could they from previous install attempts, or are they to do with the failed update? When it restarts, it just defaults to the second option on the clover boot screen, Boot FileVault rebooter from Preboot.
  4. Hi, This is my first Hackintosh and it is very close to being how I want it, but I am unable to install the 10.14.1 update. It starts to install, gets to the black and white Apple screen and after a few seconds it just reboots. I had real trouble getting Mojave onto this PC, it would fail at 2 minutes remaining, but eventually, it worked by experimenting with different Aptio drivers and SMBIOS and also using different info from about 5 different guides. I have tried all the different combinations that I can think of, but I can't get this update to install. Could anyone possibly point me in the right direction, please? Hardware is in my sig, please let me know what info you need and I'll post it up asap. Thanks
  5. OK thanks for the info, I have enabled iGPU in the BIOS and removed the NoVPA file and it seems to be working well now in finder, but not path finder, but that will be OK cheers. Edit: pathfinder seems to have caught up now, so all's good!
  6. Thanks. No I didn't remove it yet, I have a few glitches happening, it's kind of like the NAS drive is going really slow, if I hit space bar, it's taking a while (20 seconds +) to preview the image. I have Path Finder installed, I find it good for archiving music, but that really doesn't like opening images on this Hackintosh, it just crashes, Finder is a bit better. So I guess my issues are the NoVPA file still in place? I'll remove it and see. Cheers.
  7. That worked perfectly, thanks again for this, it is much appreciated
  8. Ah I see. I think it is set to auto, but I will check now, thanks for the info and taking the time to reply.
  9. Thanks. Do you mean in the BIOS? I was using the 630 graphics up until yesterday when I fitted the RX560, but I'm not sure if it didn't work prior to the 560. If possible, I'd like to be able to use the 560, can it be done? Cheers.
  10. Hello, Hackintosh noob, here! I'm almost there with my first Hackintosh, and this is something that seems to not want to be fixed, hopefully you experts will know how! Hardware is: 8700k Rog Strix Z390-i Gigabyte RX560 970 Pro M.2 Running Mojave 10.14 My issue is that when I try to view images, the preview app tries to open the image and it just hangs there and has to be force quit. So far, I have tried changing to 18,3 iMac, that seems to be the best fit all round, I have added the noVPAjpeg.kext and this had no effect at all. Is there anything else I can do to fix this? Thanks.