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iTunes authorization problem 10.4.8 Asrock Conroe


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I couldn't find anything quite like this by searching the forums.


I am running an Asrock Conroe with a Core Duo 6300 chip and 2 GB of RAM. Everything works swell on one drive running 10.4.6 and the current iTunes. I have a few TV shows that I've downloaded through the iTunes store and these play fine.


I have been working on getting 10.4.8 to work on another drive. I did an install off of JaS 10.4.8 disk using SSE3, loginwindow fix, and GMA 950. I didn't use either Mifki or Semthex so I am still using the old kernel and I think this may be my problem?


Which is: music purchased from the iTunes store plays fine on 10.4.8 after authorizing the computer, but authorization for the videos never works and only displays a gray screen with no video or sound.


My guess is I need to use either Mifki or Semthex but in my installation experiments I had trouble booting after installing them. Any other ideas?


Thanks for any thoughts.

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