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Stuck, need help

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Hi everyone. So I have a 27" Imac. I like the ease of apple, but hate the setup and limitations.Needless to say, i was fed up with alot of things and out of rage, i went crazy shopping to build a hackintosh. 

What im going to build with is : i7 8700k - Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Ultra Gaming Wifi - Sapphire Radeon RX Vega 64.

So I watched alot of threads and videos on the matter, but even tho it looks like i did everything right, im still stuck with current kexts and a config.plist for my efi folder as well as anything else i missed.

Cant seem to find any solid info on my hardware config. I dont want to start building and put anything together untill i got this usb installer solid.

My end goal is to have a 500g ssd with Mojave, and another 1tb ssd with Windows 10.

Which i hear is possible and easier if you install MacOs first with Clover and then continue with Windows so you can dual boot from different hd's.

All of this so in the end when i want to release and have some fun, im not sol... And my price to performance just got way uppppped.

I believe this should be everyones go to setup, why limit the potential of the hardware you paid for in any way.

That is to say, i hope that im not dreaming about accomplishing this and that people have gotten this to work. Any help would appreciated.


Ps I hope this is the right place to be asking

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Your title "I'm stuck" is a bit misleading.  It appears that you haven't even tried to build this system much less boot up to macOS.  After having built several systems and laptops and installing macOS/OSX on them, I can tell you that each one had its own issues and that each one had its own solutions.  If you want this to work, you will need to build the computer, use one of the many great tutorials on installing macOS and report any problems you have based upon the output you see on your screen in verbose mode.  I can't imagine how anyone can help you out based solely on your specs without knowing what problem is being reported.


Since you seem to at least research the forum for posts regarding your components, make sure that you are not buying any that are incompatible with macOS.  Then, if you are an adventurous experimenter, like me, buy the stuff, save your receipts, try to install and see what happens.  You will find many people here willing to help you troubleshoot if you report your specs and the problem(s) you encounter.


Good luck.

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