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Mojave 10.14.1 usb 3.0

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I have tried everything to get usb 3 and usb2 work  usb 3.1 the only port that works for now . I've tried latest usb patches but none of them work also I created my own ssdt but that didn't help either


My system:


Motherboard ga-z170n-gaming-5

CPU: I7 6700K

GPU: RX 480




12 hours ago, onemanOSX said:

in 10.14.1, there is no patch for USB. So it is likely you had done custom ssdt as there is one in your patched folder. However, your patched folder only consists ssdt but no dsdt? Also, there is no need to use Pike's script for power management. In clover, just check "plugin type"

which pike script ? I'm sorry I don't know which tag you referring to 

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