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Intel UHD 630 Graphics doing odd things

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  1. If I move an item on the desktop then move the mouse over where it was it redraws it – see photo
  2. If I select all the icons on the desktop then click on the desktop everything is restored to normality -  temporally until I move another icon.

  3. In Safari if I move the mouse over the tab bar it ‘draws’ a black pattern. It is not permanent so if a keep moving the mouse over the tab bar it redraws a different pattern. See other photo

  4. Firefox gives little flashes of pattern when I move the mouse around

  5. Chrome shuddered madly when opened then settles down. When I move the mouse though it starts to ‘shudder’ again.

  6. I have not found other programs that have this effect even Word with a picture in the document performs OK
  7. I would be grateful for any suggestions as to how I may be able to overcome this problem. Please post if it would help if I provided further information about my set-up.


About Hack(c).jpg

icon 0n desktop .jpg

safari tab bar.JPG

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Nothing odd in reality: you've got no graphics acceleration (i.e. no proper graphics support) on that system, hence the buggy graphics and likely overall poor perfromance! You just have not setup your Hackintosh properly...



  1. your computer hardware specs
  2. your Clover EFI folder (less the Themes subfolder)
  3. eventual list of kexts you may have installed/added to /S/L/E and/or /L/E
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Try setting smbios to 18,1 if using IGPU with no graphics card.

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Firstly thanks Danual for your suggestion I had tried this previously without success.

Thanks Herve for your offer of help. It is quite likely that I hadn’t set up my Hack correctly hence the post.

As Christmas came my son decided to skip the software solution and got a Radeon RX 569 Gaming OC 4G graphics card for me. I installed it and without running the CD or changing clover settings or adding kext etc all the above problems went away including the additional problems of iphotos and photos not previously working.

I and perhaps others would have been intrigued as to whether Herve would have seen a software solution if I had posted the information he requested but I didn’t think it right that he spend more of his time to satisfy my curiosity.

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The Radeon RX 560 is clearly supported OOB, hence the disappearance of your initial graphics problems.


All in all, your original problems would have been sorted through tuning of your Hackintosh Clover configuration (settings + eventual add-on kexts). The Radeon RX 560 graphics card is a far better option than the Intel UHD 630 iGPU anyway, so opting for that dGPU was clearly the right way to go:



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