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10.4.8 Disk Utility


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Greetings all,


The New JaS 10.4.8 DVD functions well when booted from it and partitioning from it. However, once 10.4.8 is installed, the same error occurs with drives once they are partitioned with the 10.4.8 Disk Utility.




3 HDs installed - 500GB - 160GB - 80GB all SATA2.


System is installed on 160GB

Recently restored (Cloned) my 160GB to my 80GB drive so I can have options for fixing problems with kernel tests and kext experimenting.


The restore was done on 10.4.8 Disk Utility and is not bootable unless the DVD is in the drive. I formatted the 80GB again using the install disk, and of course, its all good.


My question is, can I replace the 10.4.8 Disk Utility with the JaS 10.4.7 Disk Utility, and clone my drive without boot problems? And this is to be done within Booted system, not install DVD.


Can it be done, or is it bound to the 8.8.1 Kernel?


Thanks in advance



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